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A Legal Blog Writing Sample – Register your Vessel

16 Mar
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Most vessels are required to obtain some type of official registration.  If you need to register a yacht, pleasure boat or commercial vessel, hire a maritime attorney to properly register your vessel.

Register your vessel with the U.S. Coast Guard

When you register your vessel with the United States Coast Guard ownership of your vessel is easier to trace in the United States Coast Guard Abstract of Title.  Federal documentation is often preferred because the federal system has more rigid standards in chain-of-title and paperwork procedures.

Get your Certificate of Documentation

Once you get a USCG official number issued for your vessel, affix that number to the structure of your hull.  This federal number removes the need for state registration numbers on the bow.  Along with your Certificate of Documentation, you now have proof of ownership.

Lenders Typically Require USCG Documents

Most lenders insist you provide USCG documentation because the USCG database allows lenders to record a Preferred Ship’s Mortgage. The lender’s claim is then enforceable throughout the United States and certain countries.

Register as a Recreation Vessel

The Certificate of Documentation provides clearance  into foreign waters for recreational vessels engaged in pleasure. It also provides certain maritime protections by the U.S. government.

Register as a Commercial Vessel

The Certificate of Documentation provides commercial vessels the ability to engage in trade. It shows the vessels primary trade endorsements and other vessel class information. All paperwork must be up to date.

The laws are more stringent for commercial vessels. Aside from a few exceptions, if a vessel is at least 5 net tons and works in fisheries, coastal trade, or Great Lakes trade then it is required by law to be registered.

Find an attorney to properly register your vessel

Regardless what type of vessel you own, we are experienced vessel registration lawyers that can help you register your vessel.  After information is collected and a title search obtained, we will process your vessel registration with the United States Coast Guard.  If necessary, we can expedite your vessel registration wherever you are in the world.

This blog post is a legal blog writing sample for a maritime lawyer.

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