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Why Choose Us

We care to stay with you for a long time

We care. Yes, it sounds corny, but we do. We want a long-term relationship, not a quick fling.

Content has the power to influence thoughts and decisions. Being masters of content creation for the legal profession is a privilege, an undertaking we care to be a part of forever.

Our goal is to be a trusted member of your legal content marketing team for the marathon, not a sprint.

We understand the internet and adapt

The content that we deliver reveals our level of content savvy. We have our eyes glued to the horizon, in front of our feet, and all around. Your readers will take notice, so will the internet.

We adapt and have developed distinctive methods to legal content generation. We understand the internet today, and the direction it’s heading tomorrow.

Our services and deliverables reflect a true commitment to staying relevant online.

We plan our services for today and tomorrow

Trust us, this is only the beginning. We know, so we plan ahead. The system is changing, new models are being developed, and old SEO tactics are useless.

The internet of information will soon be a thing of the past, the internet of value is almost upon us!

Hence, we call ourselves legal content authors. We author legal content that becomes part of the living, breathing internet – content that grows. We create an augmented reality of words that will represent you now, and for many years to come.

We are more than just writers, we are authors

Word Author made out of wooden blocks with black letters on it on a background of random letters laid out over a deskOur team is comprised of legal savvy content writers and strategists with legal backgrounds.

Yes, SEO is part of it, but notice that we focus on legal content savvy as our stamped coin of online social identity.

We aim much higher than mere SEO. Our ambitious services include authorship and legal journalism. We have unique approaches to original, relevant legal content generation – it shows.

Our understanding of the real and virtual world provides a platform for optimal results to be felt continuously along the internet timeline.

We possess law degrees and law practice experience

Justice Scales surrounded by a WreathLegal content production is our passion and business. You have an opportunity for legal content specialists with law degrees and law practice experience to create your content, run with it!

We have one writing hand attached to the pulse of the internet, the other over ethical legal marketing standards (i.e. Rule 7.2).

Just in case you missed it, we are lawyers that provide content writing services and custom strategies for the law profession. The inverse is also true, we are legal content experts that know the law, practice, and business of law.

We are legal & content savvy. Legal content is our bread and butter, let’s talk! 🙂