Content written by attorneys for attorneys



Who writes my legal content?

A lawyer. Should a paralegal or other legal professional write your content, a lawyer will supervise from A-Z. Your point of contact is always a content savvy lawyer.

How much does it cost?

It’s negotiable. Fixed, hourly/daily, or per-word rates are available. We can also discuss temporary or contract assignments.

We respectfully request a minimum of $250. We believe our fees are competitive when you factor in our familiarity with the law and online best practices, it makes for stellar legal content.

When do I pay?

For short term per-word or fixed-rate projects, we request payment up front.

For long term per-word or fixed-rate projects, we ask for 50% payment up front and 50% upon delivery.

Installment payment options are available for certain types of projects.

For hourly or daily rate projects, a retainer is required, which typically includes estimated expenses and a good faith deposit. We only charge again once the retainer has been depleted and of course refund any unused portions.

Are there additional fees?

Usually no, but sometimes yes.

Some projects may require travel or miscellaneous costs. Our initial quote factors in such expenses. Only unexpected travel or lodging costs are billed separately. Third party services are separate.

As a matter of courtesy we always seek approval for additional charges.

If necessary, we reserve the right to invoice for work performed on a pro-rata basis. The inverse is also true, we refund any overpayment made.

Who owns the copyright license?

Once work has been completed and payment made in full, all copyrights are assigned to you. All we ask for is the right to publish the final version with your organization’s logo on our website or any other medium for promotional purposes.

Can I change my scope of work?

Yes, but only before work starts or after the initial scope of work has been completed.

Can I request content revisions?

Yes, we guarantee satisfaction. Within reason, we will do our best to accommodate all revision requests. Our goal is to provide superior legal content so you stay with us for a long, beautiful relationship. Just be respectful, so will we.

With that said, having suffered at the hands of an unlimited revision policy, there is a limit to our good nature. For per-word and fixed-rate content, we provide a revision scenario of a maximum of three redrafts: one redraft for major changes, one for minor changes, and one mainly for typos and substituting purposes. Any additional editing required over and above three redrafts will be charged on a pro-rata daily or hourly rate basis.

This is not a content chop shop, we take pride in our work and our relationship with you. You can count on a high standard of work ethic, but we have to protect ourselves. We hope you understand and respect our revision policy.

How long do I have to request a revision?

It depends on the deliverable, but we usually ask you let us know within a week from delivery. Once a final version has been approved, revisions are no longer permitted. As with everything, the scope of work will outline all terms and conditions.

How is my content delivered?

Your content is delivered electronically or through an account portal. For certain services we can also upload your content onto a USB stick and mail it to you.

When will my content be received?

It depends on the type of content and volume of the order. Our goal is to exceed deadline expectations, we try to get it to you as soon as possible. For ongoing or high volume work, we steadily deliver completed deliverables while working on the next writing.

Do you provide other legal marketing services?

That depends on our business relationship with you. Typically we focus on legal content writing and strategies. Although the content audit does incorporate our vast knowledge of online marketing, we try not to spread ourselves thin over too many specialties. We prefer to be experts in one field, plus we thoroughly enjoy writing and strategy. At the same time, we do have a network of professionals that can help, so just ask.

Can you supply me with images or visual content?

We have a network of content marketing professionals, so yes we can. If you need it, we will provide high resolution stock photos, custom images or videos. We understand the convenience of working with one team for your content needs, we aim to please.

Can I use my own third party services?

Yes, you can choose any third party professional that does not conflict with our services (i.e. publisher, photographer, videographer, etc.). We collaborate with them directly or through you. Should you want us to be your point of contact, we charge a small management fee. If necessary, we can also find vendors for you.

Do you only work with lawyers?

Our core clients are lawyers and law firms. We also work with agencies that need quality legal content writing or advice on content strategies specific to the legal industry. If you are a legal support business or academia we can also help. Even a professional business can contact us.

Do you carry indemnity insurance?

No, we do not carry professional indemnity insurance. It is a condition of engagement that you agree to indemnify us to the fullest extent possible from any adverse legal consequences whatsoever which arise from the publication of any written content that we supply. After all, you have final approval of all work product.

Which service or deliverable is right for me?

It’s your choice, unless you want us to create a legal content strategy for you. If so, we usually recommend a custom plan that rotates or staggers services and deliverables for a steady flow of diverse legal content. The beauty with content production is that you can adjust when necessary.

What is the best order of services or deliverables?

1.Start with a legal content strategy that is flexible and data driven.

2.Focus on content for your legal website.

3.Set up your online marketing accounts.

4.Create legal content to support those efforts.

5.Analyze your data so you can make informed decisions.

6.Continuously apply what you learn from your data.

7.Finally, get creative with bold strategies and unique legal content.

Can I mix and match?

Absolutely. Once your legal website content is complete, the right approach to legal content marketing is content diversity. Our custom plans allow you to choose whatever you want or simply have us create a legal content strategy for you.

What if I need a deliverable that is not listed?

Contact us to find out whether we can help.

Who can I contact for support?

You can email us at or call (844) 522-9673 to speak with a legal content strategist.