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Our Services

Our Services

Services are on a per-project or ongoing basis. Bulk and long-term discounts are available. You can mix and match, or request a custom scope of work. Contact us today to speak with a legal savvy content expert.

Content Writing

Our goal is to be a continuous source of original, relevant content for all your content writing needs, at all levels. We craft compelling legal content of the highest standard: online & offline.


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Our legal copywriters deliver copy that captures the immediate attention of prospective clients, or reinforces existing client relations. The goal is to get a specific point across in as few words as possible.

Ideal for direct marketing, a legal copywriter will typically focus on a single topic, message or practice area. Examples of deliverables that fall under our legal copywriting services are:

Ad Copy

 Blog Posts

Social Media

 Email Marketing

Website Content

 Forum Commentary

Content Writer

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Our legal content writers generate content to be read by prospective clients seeking services or information, for existing clients that require retention efforts, or anyone that has opted into receiving legal knowledge.

Configured to benefit direct and indirect marketing, the goal is to educate potential clients, display legal expertise, and improve law firm reputation. Examples of deliverables that fall under our legal content writing services are:


 Press Releases

Website Content


Legal Memoranda

 Scripts and Interviews

Content Author

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Our content authors compose a written masterpiece that goes far beyond regular content generation. The goal is to create a valuable resource for the public, colleagues, and even institutions.

Typically requires research, citations and/or a collaborative undertaking. Be acknowledged for an authoritative source of information on a legal topic, public policy, or important issue(s). Examples of deliverables that fall under our content author services are:

White Papers

 Ghost Writing

E-books or Books

 Legal Opinions

Case Studies

Course Materials

Content Creation

Our goal is to be your go-to content professional for more than just writing. Hire us to be a source of unique legal content, assess efforts, or develop strategy.

Legal Journalist

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Our legal journalists report on topics, places, persons or events related to the legal industry. We provide you with the opportunity to have your own first-hand account of whatever you wish to know or document.

If necessary, includes travel within the U.S. or abroad for live coverage or in-person investigation. Examples of deliverables that fall under our legal journalism services are:

Legal Reporting

 In-House Reporting

Investigative Journalism

 Collaborative Journalism

Seminal Cases or Laws

 Press or News Media

Content Strategist

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Our content strategists implement a sustainable content strategy based on budget and goals; it gives your content writing the direction it needs.

Perfect if just starting out and need help with legal content writing, want to improve existing efforts, or ready to impact your content creation with a professional plan. Examples of deliverables that fall under our legal content strategy services are:

Content Conversion

 Content Templates

Core Messaging

 Content Distribution

Search Engine Optimization

 Content Repurposing

Online Audit

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Our online audits are an analysis of your legal marketing efforts to assess the success, or lack thereof. After an online audit is conducted next steps can be determined based on analyzed data.

In the competitive legal industry, marketing will succeed only through informed decisions. The goal is to identify strengths and weaknesses for an improved online presence. Examples of deliverables that fall under our legal online audit services are:

Account Review

 Campaign Structuring

Website Analysis

 Analytics Review

Content Editorial

 Content Flow