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15 Sep

3 Basic Metrics to Analyze Right Away

Website metrics bar chart indicating increased online traffic

Questions you should ask yourself when reviewing your website analytics are:

– How many visitors landed on my law blog or web page?

– How long did visitors stay on my website or blog post?

– Which pages did visitors stay on the longest or visit the most often?

Metrics that you should pay close attention to in order to figure out the answers to these questions are:

Visitors, most visited pages, and bounce rate.

24 Apr

Writing a Law Article vs. Writing a Law Blog Post: 5 Key Differences

Law article writing concept with cartoon hands writing on a stack of papers with a pen on a turquoise table with eyeglasses, coffee, cell phone, pencil, crumpled paper and a closed notepad arranged around the legal article being written

Writing a Law Article vs. Writing a Law Blog: 5 Key Differences. Articles are authoritative, informative, valuable, can contain opinion and are stigma-free. Law blog posts, although a SEO necessity, are usually associated with marketing. Articles can become a reliable resource or reference. Readers will reward you through new business and increased website traffic, if you provide beneficial content.

20 Jan

That’s Right Get Going with Starter Content

Business man in a short sleeved dress shirt, slacks and shiny black shoes on an asphalt running track with a track and trees behind him crouched in a starting position to represent the starter content creation

A common question we get asked is: “How can our business generate cost-effective content right out of the gate?” The answer is: with starter content. Find information, pictures, awards, or anything that adds value. Then make it into content, it’s that simple. You don’t have to recreate the wheel, simply rework it into an original content piece. If you need advice, let us know – we can help.