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03 Aug

Why Hire a Professional Legal Content Writer?

Justice Scales surrounded by a Wreath to represent that our professional legal content writers have a law background

We are professional legal content writers. We thoroughly enjoy working within the law profession – as writers. Our law background and SEO expertise provides us with an edge. We have the nimbleness and flexibility to write for any target audience, and the education and experience to understand any legal topic.

We look forward to what we do because it satisfies our intellectual curiosity. When we write we of course explore legal topics. Being lawyers, we absorb this knowledge through our legal minds. Which we then recreate for the layperson to easily understand. Our efforts are applied to effective content.

We leave the adversarial lawyering up to you. But let us help you get and keep those clients.

17 Feb

A Legal Blog Writing Sample – Securities Fraud

Image for a blog writing sample for securities fraud lawyer

This blog post is a writing sample for a securities litigation law firm. The purpose behind this blog besides improving SEO quality score is to provide advice to an investor about the importance of maintaining original copies of documents. Should the need arise, such document management will provide a securities lawyer with admissible evidence and possibly win the case. Legal advice on a laywers’ blog without violating attorney advertising restrictions leaves a positive impression in a reader’s mind, which may result in an immediate or future conversion. There are also short and long tail keywords throughout the writing and other SEO best practices. Coupled with supporting rich media content, such as images, videos or infographics, blogs can be the most effective form of client acquisition and retention. It can also capture a legal colleague that landed a securities fraud case and wants to refer it to a securities litigator.

08 Feb

Don’t be Shocked – Every Law Practice Needs an Online Presence

Succesful Law Practice Counselors smiling and talking to each other holding an open ethics book discussing attorney advertising with a bookshelf and law books in the background

Today’s gateway to a successful law practice is a powerful online presence. It is not enough to just be a remarkable attorney. The business of law requires paying clients, because at the end of the day it is a business. Combine your exemplary standing as a legal practitioner with an online presence that meets our high legal standards. Work with true legal content professionals that take the time to craft masterful legal content.

27 Jan

Excellent Advice About Writing for Legal Marketing

Notepad with pen, laptop and smart phone are a few mediiums on which writing for legal marketing can be displayed.

Content writing for legal marketing takes skill, it takes a competent writer. A writer creates art with words, the potential of being its only kind. When successful, a writer can craft a story, plant a suggestion or ultimately persuade.