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A Legal Blog Writing Sample – Securities Fraud

17 Feb
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The world of high-stakes finance is cutthroat, full of securities fraud. It is neither fiction nor a movie, definitely not glamorized pirates, or cops and robbers – it is a gut wrenching reality for those investors that have been defrauded. 

If you feel that your financial representative, broker, or other money management professional has done you dirty, don’t keep silent – hire a competent securities litigation attorney immediately. 

In the meantime, being passive is not the answer. Impress upon yourself, employees, and even family members the importance of written documentary evidence that can be used in court (in legal terms, admissible evidence) to win your securities fraud case. 

The categories and rules associated with obtaining written documentary evidence fills entire bookshelves. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure can conflict and do have a legal hierarchy that only a savvy securities attorney should navigate. 

Even though a reliable litigator will handle your securities fraud matter, help yourself by providing your attorney with admissible evidence.

Admissible Evidence Wins Cases

Here is one simple rule to follow: maintain accurate written records and make multiple copies of everything related to your financial transactions as if you were already heading to trial. 

  • Take screenshots of text conversations. 
  • Make photocopies of documents before you sign and mail them back to your financial professional.  
  • Periodically save your emails and computer-generated documents. 


Back everything up in multiple locations, such as a secure server, portable external hard-drive, in tandem with cloud computing solutions; all of course utilizing reputable and secure vendors. For the securities investor, it goes without saying, all documents should be maintained in physical and virtual safety.

The worst possible mistake you can make is to blindly trust your broker or financial professional in terms of record-keeping. 

The likelihood of a positive outcome in any legal process is very document-driven. If your legal matter enters what is called the discovery phase of litigation, hordes of document review lawyers located in major world financial centers will be instantly deployed to review documents around the clock on your behalf … and on behalf of your adversary. 

Searching through documents by the actual truckload, these lawyers use a fine tooth comb to find the critical bank email, memo or record that will prove your case. It is oftentimes like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  

Help yourself and maintain copies of all your documents. This will allow you to retrieve critical documents when necessary, mitigate the need for costly document review methods, and greatly increase the chances of winning your securities fraud claim. 

In sum, your job is two-fold: 

1) If you suspect fraud, contact a qualified securities attorney immediately. Do not wait. 

2) Begin making copies now, scan documents and emails immediately; before it is too late.  

Make Copies

If you feel it is too late, still take action to retrieve as many documents as possible, as soon as possible, from as many sources as possible, you never know. Remember, the moment you are confronted with an empty bank account and suspect securities fraud, move instantly to protect your rights and save yourself from destitution, find a securities fraud litigator to help you.

We repeat – find a securities fraud attorney as soon as you can and immediately start retrieving documents to help win your case.

This is not paranoia, this is practical advice on how to win a securities fraud case!  

Be a savvy investor!

Get your head out of the sand and fire up that scanner! Be a savvy investor, make copies as if your entire financial life depends on it. 

Your securities litigation attorney will thank you. In fact, you may have won your securities fraud case by simply being meticulous in maintaining copies of your documents.

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