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Excellent Advice About Writing for Legal Marketing

27 Jan
Notepad with pen, laptop and smart phone are a few mediiums on which writing for legal marketing can be displayed.

Content writing for legal marketing takes skill, it takes a competent legal content writer. A skilled legal content writer creates art with words, creates the potential of leaving a lasting impression in mere seconds.

A writer can craft a story, plant a suggestion or ultimately persuade – all through the written word.

Words can become timeless as a form of reference or a catchphrase, even stay ingrained in memories forever.

Writing for legal marketing is possibly the most difficult, yet rewarding part of legal content creation. When you succeed it equates to conversions and actual business. But the truth is it can be a painstaking process.

Do not fret, review your data – it will help guide you and give you topics to write about. For now just write!

Realities of writing for legal marketing

It is all too common for a writer to suffer from amnesia at the keyboard. The proper words, right way to express a thought or message, can get lost in the sea of fleeting “tip of the tongue” moments.

Writing for legal marketing is a laborious undertaking. Sometimes that ideal written form of expression has to be coaxed and nurtured from the depths of creativity. Sometimes the first words that come to mind are just right, but perfectionism creates a cycle of over-revision.

The irony of writing is that most passionate writers will doggedly rewrite their final draft many times over in search for that perfect choice of words. Well at least those who care, or are not hard-pressed by a looming deadline.

What first springs to mind is seldom good enough. Writing is the art of second thought, the possibility to recant before published.



Search for That Perfect Fit of Words

Brevity vs. Detail

Writing for legal marketing should include a fine balance between brevity of words and in-depth legal talk. There is a fear in the general marketing world that if you do not capture the attention of your audience instantaneously, you risk the chance they will lose interest and move on to a competitor. Many studies claim this moment to be mere seconds.

With legal marketing there is an additional step. Once you capture a readers’ attention, you have to display your legal competence in a potentially complex practice area.

When writing for legal marketing, especially web content, start your legal content writing short and sweet, to the point, and then increase detail in intervals as necessary.

Writing for marketing is unique, it has many layers. If your business is selling cookware or footwear, then your goal is to capture the attention of a single-minded consumer as they hurriedly click through pricing options and preferred features. Basically bedazzle them with a few, yet powerful words – you may only have seconds.

When writing for legal marketing, such powerful words are used as headlines, to capture a readers’ attention, but not necessarily to close the reader through those words alone.

Be concise, but not overtly short

Hand Writing for Legal Marketing in Blue Ink Concept

Our goal when writing for legal marketing is to draw a prospective client in with a headline and then follow up with just the right amount of words. Writing for legal marketing should be concise, but not overtly short. It all depends on the acumen of the reader, the practice area marketed, level of legal complexity, and other factors.

Regardless the length or complexity, you should never use unnecessary words when writing for legal marketing. Adhere to plain English etiquette. Write to readers, not at them, in a language familiar to them, but change it up for different demographics and target audiences.

Do not avoid detail, just know when to provide it, and never treat a prospective legal client as a single-minded consumer.

Look to your target audience

Writing for legal marketing embodies both short and long writing styles, for a range of audiences, in many different forms (blogs, articles, press releases, etc.). Keep in mind it depends on your target audience, and there is usually more than one.

The good news is that you can repeatedly test what works, on whom and when.  You can finally be OCD about figuring out what works best for your business. It allows you to be meticulous in your content testing.

No more guesswork when writing for legal marketing, the data will guide you once you have it.

Work with a competent legal content writer, create legal marketing prose that stays in a clients’ memory forever! Call us at 929-400-3282 to work with a legal savvy content writer.

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