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Guess What Type of Legal Blog Post Works Best

20 Mar

It is a well known fact blogs are essential to legal content marketing success. However, the question that often arises is: “What type of legal blog post works best for my blogging strategy?”

Answer: The type of legal blog post you should use depends on your target audience, keywords, and legal issue or topic relevant to your business.

In short, all types of legal blog posts work well as long as you mix it up and know when to use it. Why? Because it gives you the opportunity to be flexible and dynamic with your legal content production while figuring out what your ideal clients respond to.

A legal blog allows you to do everything your static website content does not. Yes, you can create landing pages and other types of legal content writing with similar short-term results, but your blog creates a library of information that a landing page alone cannot accomplish.

A blog is a growing collection of information that boosts your online relevance and displays your legal knowledge.

Any type of legal blog post

What type of legal blog post works best concept with icons representing blogging such as a computer monitor, book, pencil, image, music note, play buttonThere are introductory posts that lead the reader to an article, white paper or comprehensive writing.

Blog posts that draw a reader deeper into a content funnel or blog theme.

Very specific blog posts with stand-alone content crafted for a long tail keyword or unique search query.

And blog posts with a combination of keywords and rich media for an appealing visual presentation.

Regardless the type of legal blog post you choose, ultimately all blogs should further qualify a client and improve website relevance. Legal blogging is a must whatever your online goals!

Keep your legal blog fresh

Definitely post at least a few times a month to keep your legal blog and website fresh for internet algorithms. At minimum, your blog should have posts that regularly ping the World Wide Web on keywords relevant to your website.

The majority of your posts should be scheduled and systematic, but do not necessarily require an elaborate content writing plan; although a basic strategy does help.

Very specific type of legal blog post

Create more a detailed or specific type of legal blog post containing long tail keywords and unique identifying information to attract highly-sought-after clients.

Blog posts can also be unscheduled and posted due to an instantaneous business opportunity or much anticipated conclusion of something. Having an actual strategy is more important here.

Such blog posts need to have identifiable information and details equivalent to when a consumer enters a SKU or model number for a specific product search in retail marketing. In the business of law this may equate to:

  • a party name in a filed lawsuit, or a name appearing in a news breaking publication
  • recent arrest of a person or entity with a higher fiduciary duty of care such as an investment broker
  • an unacceptable drug-related health risk is detected by the FDA such as birth defects
  • vehicle make and model linked to an unreasonable # of fatalities for failure of air bags to deploy
  • a location has higher than normal cancer rate caused by environmental contamination

These types of specific legal blog posts are used for acquiring highly-sought-after clients because the prospective clients know exactly what they are looking for. In online marketing terminology, the rate of conversion is much higher, hence cost-effective and worth the budget spend to acquire such a client.

Advanced legal content strategies

Some advanced strategies call for the creation of a brand new website, budget permitting. These instantaneous content pieces are able to attract qualified clients and lucrative business. A savvy law practitioner with his or her ear to the ground knows when such opportunities come to light.

If you cannot afford such an elaborate content production, then at the least generate the right type of legal blog post as soon as possible. It helps if your blog is already a well-oiled, blog post producing machine, and you are simply adding the right type of legal blog post to an already ongoing blogging production.

This is why you should always have ongoing blog posts as part of your legal blogging strategy. Once a truly worthwhile opportunity comes up, your blog is already set up and humming along where you can just post a new type of legal blog post without having to start from scratch.

It helps to already be working with a legal content expert. Make the effort find a legal savvy content writer now.

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