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Exciting News – Our Very First Blog Post

02 Jan
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Welcome to Legal Content Authors!

We are glad that you have found us and decided to visit our blog. As a content creation business focused predominantly on legal content writing solutions, we understand how important it is to maintain an active blog.

By maintaining an active blog with fresh and original content, besides benefiting you our target audience, we aim to accomplish the following:

  1. Display our legal content writing expertise so that you feel confident in reaching out to us;
  2. Refrain from posting portfolio samples of our work to avoid creating duplicate content; and
  3. Generate a steady flow of quality online traffic relevant to our website and business goals.

Blog Posts

Any blog, or website content for that matter, should mature continuously throughout its life cycle and reach many different stages of growth. This being our first blog post, you should understand an essential lesson of early blogging strategy:

Your first blog post does not really make a difference at this time, but it will.

What?!?! Yes, that is correct.

One isolated post based on little to no back end data will not typically generate the type of attention you need to make an impact. Of course, if you already possess invaluable metrics paid for or acquired from prior efforts, or have the budget/skills to produce an overnight sensation, then we tip our hat to you and let’s talk. With that said, do not jump the gun just yet!

Your First Blog Post is an Introduction

Usually a first blog post should accomplish nothing more other than an introduction. It should mark the start of your content generation calendar and basically get your feet wet. Sometimes a business will create a press release to mark its launch date or organize some type of real-life event that it wants to cover through its first blog post.

Thumbs up with check markThumbs up for your efforts, which are definitely not in vain and can be used many times over throughout your content strategy.

However, we believe it’s premature to immediately blog about a launch event or have a press release as your first blog post. Of course, there are differences of opinion. What do you think?

Keep it Simple

The reasons for keeping your first blog post simple without much fanfare are several. We touch upon two of these reasons below.

No Other Posts Yet

The first reason being pretty obvious and straightforward. There are no other blog posts yet! Your blog is empty and it’s obvious that you just started blogging. Even if you have the budget or ability to produce an “impact blog,” hold off until there are at least a few blog posts already in place.

Why? Because when a user lands on your blog the lack of prior posts may dissuade them from taking you seriously. Save those ship rocking blogs for later. Publish them once you have filler blog content in place, even if that impact blog has already been created. Unless it is time sensitive, do not rush it, be patient.

Revisit your Content

The second reason is that you should always revisit your content after some time has passed. The goal is to always improve your content based on acquired data. This applies across the board for most, if not all, your website content and eventually off-site content as well. Even if you wrote stellar website content to begin with, such as a first blog post, and you succeeded at getting your keyword selection just right, you should always revisit and improve.

Why? Just for the simple task of creating anchor texts to content you created or published at a later time for SEO value.


Multiple Theme Blogging Strategy

The right way to write a blog is to create multiple themes in your strategy and break up your blog posts for easy reading and continued interest. Without getting carried away, eventually link older posts to newer posts.

In reality you will probably adjust your content systematically as analysis of your metrics will reveal a slue of strategies and improvements far beyond linking (which should be limited to probably no more than 3 per blog post).

Make it Memorable

Instead create something memorable that gets your business concept or message across such as an acrostic acronym:













Multiple content themes in any blog writing strategy

Can anyone think of a better acrostic acronym for L-E-G-A-L–C-O-N-T-E-N-T ?

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