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27 Jan

Excellent Advice About Writing for Legal Marketing

Notepad with pen, laptop and smart phone are a few mediiums on which writing for legal marketing can be displayed.

Content writing for legal marketing takes skill, it takes a competent writer. A writer creates art with words, the potential of being its only kind. When successful, a writer can craft a story, plant a suggestion or ultimately persuade.

20 Jan

That’s Right Get Going with Starter Content

Business man in a short sleeved dress shirt, slacks and shiny black shoes on an asphalt running track with a track and trees behind him crouched in a starting position to represent the starter content creation

A common question we get asked is: “How can our business generate cost-effective content right out of the gate?” The answer is: with starter content. Find information, pictures, awards, or anything that adds value. Then make it into content, it’s that simple. You don’t have to recreate the wheel, simply rework it into an original content piece. If you need advice, let us know – we can help.

02 Jan

Exciting News – Our Very First Blog Post

Dart board signifying strategy with one dart embedded in the bulls eye circle with a welcome tag pinned to the bulls eye.

It is our delight to welcome you to Legal Content Authors. As this is our first blog post, we felt it appropriate to briefly touch upon our blogging goals and open up the topic of blogging itself. Any blogging strategy has to of course start with an initial blog post. We provide some simple advice and tips how to write your first blog post.